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As part of its ongoing effort to bring you previously unreleased Van Halen tunes, the Van Halen News Desk yesterday shared an unreleased demo of a song called “It’s the Right Time,” featuring the vocals of Mitch Malloy, shown above with Eddie Van Halen.

Malloy auditioned for Van Halen after Sammy Hagar’s 1996 departure but before the group began its brief association with Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone. Malloy and Van Halen recorded a few tracks at 5150 studios, but the group’s manager, Ray Danniels, wanted Cherone in the group, and Malloy never got the gig.

As reveals, the track below isn’t really a true band effort. Eddie Van Halen presented Malloy with the instrumental demo, and after they parted ways, Malloy put his own lyrics and vocals on it.

As the site notes, “knowledgeable Van Halen fans will recognize the music from his track is a rougher demo of ‘That’s Why I Love You,’ the unreleased Van Halen song from Van Halen III, with Gary Cherone.”

Previously, the Van Halen camp had leaked audio of Malloy singing the David Lee Roth–era classic “Panama,” also provided below. (The video says 1998 but the year of the recording is actually 1996, as the video’s poster mentions in his description.)

So given the commercial failure of the Cherone incarnation of Van Halen, do you think they would have been wiser to stick with Malloy? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.