Valerie Bertinelli Gets Punked at Van Halen's Kimmel Show | VIDEO


Okay, we know you’re probably getting a little weary of all the Van Halen talk on the site these days. But this is one item you’ve got to see.

In the audience at the group’s Hollywood Boulevard show on March 30—as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live—was one very special fan: Wolfgang Van Halen’s mom (and Eddie Van Halen’s ex), Valerie Bertinelli.

Also present was Eric Stonestreet, an actor best known for his starring role as Cameron Tucker on the ABC comedy Modern Family. Turns out Stonestreet was standing behind Bertinelli and decided to punk her by pretending she was in his way while he recorded the show.

As you can see in Stonestreet’s Instagram, below, Bertinelli took it in stride.