Thorcraft Cobra Debut Video for "Carolina"

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Top image by Marina Chavez

Los Angeles alt-rockers Thorcraft Cobra are debuting their new video for the song "Carolina" from the band's just-released album, The Distance [Plaza Bowl Records & Tapes].

The video was shot by award-winning filmmaker and former Beck percussionist/dancer, Ryan Falkner, while the band visited Bushwick, Brooklyn during a recent tour stop — a locale that was enhanced by the mural artists of the Bushwick Collective, whose art works on the surrounding buildings added vibe and atmosphere to the production.

Thorcraft Cobra—named for a vintage, Canadian-made guitar amp—is a duo formed by guitarist Billy Zimmer (Brown Eyed Susans) and drummer Tammy Glover (Sparks). The Distance was mixed by Beck and Foo Fighters producer Rob Schnapf, and the album concept was based on an alleged comment from Abraham Lincoln stating that it wasn't remarkable he was born in a log cabin and became president, it was remarkable he was born in a log cabin and became a lawyer.

“I think about starting from behind in life, and the distance that some of us travel to get to a multi-cultural world of ideas, rationality, science, empathy, and art,” says Glover. 

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