The Top 10 Road Trip Songs of All Time | VIDEO

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Summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time for a road trip.

As we’ve learned from countless commercials, the automobile connotes freedom, status, sex appeal…and really cheesy music.

We say screw all that. Only rock and roll will suffice on a real road trip. Toss in a desirable partner, a guitar, maybe some snacks, and you’ll soon discover the meaning of life.

Crush the pedal to the floor, and if the law pulls you over, just tell them you were listening to Guitar Player’s list of the Top 10 Road Trip Songs of All Time. Nothing warms a cop’s heart like a great road tune.

10. “Ramblin’ Man”—The Allman Brothers Band
Not all of us were born to ramble, but rambling’ skills can be acquired. Hence this list. “When it’s time for leaving,” this boogie-rock anthem gently merges you into the fast lane.

09. “L.A. Woman”—The Doors
Jimbo reportedly set a personal record during these sessions by glugging 36 beers in one day. Sure, no one tossed him the keys after a hard day’s work, but this bluesy boiler turns any Sunday drive into a party.

08. ”Good Vibrations”—The Beach Boys
When car culture and teenage wildlife collided in California in the Sixties, the Beach Boys were there to bottle the “excitation.” You’ve rambled, you’ve scoped L.A. women. Now pick up on those good vibrations.

07. “Low Rider”—War
This salacious groove (nice cowbell) can transform even your madre’s Honda HR-V into a hydraulic love machine. You’ll want to leave your mother at home, of course.

06. “Radar Love”—Golden Earring
Been driving all night, hand’s wet on the wheel..and these Dutch guys aren’t even halfway through this track’s psychedelic breakdown. With its relentless shuffle beat and epic running time, “Radar Love” works well as a cruise control for long hauls.

05. “Highway Star”—Deep Purple
“Nobody gonna beat my car. It’s gonna break the speed of sound.” Okay there, “highway star,” you might wanna pull over for a nap—especially if you start calling your vehicle “a killing machine.”

04. “Panama”—Van Halen
An ode to fast cars, anonymous sex, tropical climates and potent herb—in other words, right up Diamond Dave’s alley. This anthem not only provides a destination (“Panama-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!”) but also directions for when you arrive (“Ease the seat back…”).

03. Tush”—ZZ Top
“Lord, take me downtime, I’m just looking for some tush.” These naughty Texans knew you could score some backside if you drove a slick ride, even while sporting Taliban-style beards.

02. “Bad to the Bone”—George Thorogood
This track makes no mention whatsoever of the combustible engine. But try explaining that to the bikers who’ve made it into a cruising anthem. That would be a b-b-b-b-b-bad idea.

01. “Highway to Hell”—AC/DC
Many thought fun-loving Bon Scott was writing figuratively about the title’s destination. Then he went and drank himself to death in the back of a car. Please listen, and drive responsibly.