The Police - It All Started Today -

The Police - It All Started Today

The Police held their first rehearsal at Stewart Copeland's London house today in 1977.
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In 1976, while American-born Stewart Copeland was touring Newcastle upon Tyne with his band Curved Air, he met Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) who was playing with a jazz-rock fusion band called Last Exit.

They exchanged numbers.

On January 12, 1977, they gathered at Stewart Copeland's house in London for their first practice, though their final lineup was not yet solidified. They jammed with Corsica-born Henri Padovani on guitar and had their first live gig as the Police on March 1st at Alexander's in Wales.

In May, former Gong musician, Mike Howlett, invited Sting to play on the Strontium 90 project. Since their drummer was unable to play, Sting invited Stewart along. The band's guitarist was Andy Summers. The two Police members quickly asked him to join their band. 

Summers agreed to join them with the stipulation that they become a trio. Bound by loyalty, however, Sting and Copeland kept Henri on and they played as a foursome until August when Padovani was released from the band. From then on, the trio hit the turbo boost and went on to become arguably one of the best bands of the '80s.