The Faux Fabs? A.I. Creates a "Beatles-Like" Song

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The recent — and somewhat creepy — news that Facebook is "changing the parameters" of its artificial intelligence experiments after two "chatbot" robots started speaking in their own secret language reminded me that Sony's CSL Research Lab was mucking about with the virtual creative minds of John, Paul, George, and Ringo back on September 19, 2016.

"Daddy's Car" was composed in the style of the Beatles, after an A.I. system called FlowMachines "learned" the band's music after assessing a database of songs. The virtual songwriter needed a bit of an assist from a human being, however. French composer Benoît Carré contributed the lyrics, as well as arranging and producing the track. 

The A.I. songwriting team isn't stopping at recording singles, either. Apparently, entire album releases are planned for this year.

Will your next songwriting partner be a robot?

Or are A.I. songwriters talentless tech dorks that couldn't manage writing a memorable chorus if they studied every number one hit song for the past 50 years?

Well, we have "Daddy's Car" by the "Not Beatles" available for you to give a "smash or trash?" rating. What's your vote?