Ted Nugent Becomes the Latest Target of HuffPost Wiki | VIDEO


Is this war?

The Huffington Post has made rocker Ted Nugent the latest entry in the online news site’s Dickipedia wiki. The announcement was made on Friday, April 10, with a video explaining the reason for including Nugent in the wiki.

Created by The HuffPost Show, the site’s video news and features page, Dickipedia is described by the site as a “comprehensive wiki of dicks.”

Nugent was given the “honor” for statements he’s made over the years, as well as a number of acts, all of which are enumerated in the video, shown below. The incidents span the range of Nugent’s activities, including his careers as a rock musician and conservative political activist, and his exploits as a hunter and NRA board member.

A voice over on the video states, “Though he has sold more than 30 million records in his career, Nugent is best known these days for his incessant barrage of violent, vulgar and thoroughly dickish rhetoric.”

Past Dickipedia honorees include a range of personalities across the political and public spectrum, including Joe Biden, Steve Jobs, Karl Rove, Bernard Madoff, Kanye West, Tyra Banks, Octomom, Santa Claus and Leprechauns.

You can see the full explanation for Ted’s induction in the video below.

What does Nugent have to say? No word yet, but stay tuned.