Steve Hunter Reveals Yardbirds Influence on his "Generation Landslide" Solo

The session wizard channeled Jeff Beck for this 1973 Alice Cooper track.
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In his upcoming January 2016 Guitar Player column (on newsstands December 22, 2015), session great Steve Hunter revealed that he needed a little inspiration from Jeff Beck before cutting his thrilling outro solo on "Generation Landslide," from the 1973 Alice Cooper album, Billion Dollar Babies.

Steve Hunter

"Bob [Ezrin, Alice Cooper producer] would always cue up the tape so that I got a few bars of a lead in before the solo, and then he would let the tape roll into the next section so we could get a sense of whether the solo was fitting or not," revealed Hunter. "After a few passes, we weren’t really happy, so I asked if I could listen to the track in the control room. I also wanted to hear the song a little louder that what I was getting in my headphones out in the studio. As the song played, the Yardbirds popped into my head. Suddenly, I had an approach to the solo that I hadn’t tried. I ran back into the studio while the idea was still hot, and out came the solo that’s on the record. I guess the 'Generation Landslide' solo was a little tip of my hat to that great ’60s band, the Yardbirds, and to Mr. Jeff Beck. I thank them for the inspiration."

For Hunter's full discussion of the "Generation Landslide" session, don't miss the January 2016 GP.

Here's the song below. Can you hear a little Beck channeled through Hunter's fingers?