Slash's 10 Wildest Performances | VIDEO

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Today is the birthday of Saul Hudson—or as most of us know him, Slash.

The man in the top hat and shades has been part of our guitar universe since 1987, when Guns N’ Roses released their debut, Appetite for Destruction. Since then, he’s become a much beloved figure of the guitar community, an all-around good dude who can entertain with some stellar shred work or a funny road story. 

In that time, we’ve also seen Slash become part of the pop culture. From musician to interviewee to TV guest star to metal magazine spokesman...Slash has done it all.

In the 10 clips below, we celebrate some of the best—and sometimes craziest—Slash moments ever committed to video. It’s all here: Slash jamming with Zakk, going to the zoo with Betty White and telling funny stories about Justin Bieber.

Take a look. And when you’re done, hop back to our Facebook page and leave a happy birthday greeting for the cat in the hat.

Zakk and Slash Play “Voodoo Child”

Slash Plays “The Theme from The Godfather

Slash Talks About Justin Bieber and the Strip Club

Slash Auditions to be in Drew Carey’s Band

Slash and Axl Rose’s TV Ads for Rip Magazine

Slash and Betty White for the LAIR at L.A. Zoo

Slash Explains Why He Wears Sunglasses

“Hey Joe” with Steve Winwood, Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox, at the U.K. Hall of Fame Tribute, 2005

Michael Jackson Gets Angry at Slash

With Velvet Revolver Performing “Slither”

Slash Guns N’ Roses–era Solo