Slash Weighs In on “Guitar Nerds” and Talks New Album | VIDEO


Slash is very happy if you like his guitar playing. Just don’t expect him to shred on behalf of the “guitar nerds” in the audience.

In a new interview for, Slash reveals that he doesn’t share some fans’ enthusiasm for gratuitous wanking but prefers to play what’s appropriate to the song.

“As far as guitar nerds go, that’s the worst,” he says. “When you’re standing on stage and you look down and there’s people that are standing there expecting you to blow their minds with your guitar playing tricks. It’s not that, necessarily. That’s not exactly what my M.O. is.

“I mean, I’m a player and I can play, but it’s all within the context of the music, the songs. So it’s sort of interesting that you do get those guys who sort of analyze you from a technique point of view. It happens.”

Which is not to say Slash doesn’t share his fans’ passion for the instrument. “I think more than anything, I just love playing,” he says.

For that matter, he’s known to take lengthy solo breaks, as in the clip below, which was shot in Wellington, New Zealand, on February 18, 2015.

Slash’s professional career spans some 30 years and includes his time with Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and his current group, Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Though he’s seen his style of hard rock rise and dip in popularity over time, Slash says he’s weathered the changes without hesitation.

“One minute everybody’s really into it, and then for another minute, everybody’s into something else, and I just stick to my guns and just keep going,” he says. “And I’ve always got those sort of hardcore fans who are always there. For one year they multiply by 100, and then another year it’ll be just those 10.”

Slash and his group are currently touring on behalf of their 2014 album, World on Fire. Though the disc was released just last September, Slash reveals that the band has already begun writing its next record and that it will reflect some new musical inspirations.

“We’re working on new material now, for another record,” he says, “and so I think that what it is that I’m into is just trying to do what’s the most inspiring thing, and picking up some new stuff along the way. There’s always that element of new discovery that ends up on the next record.

“But the one thing [fans] can always expect, it’s going to be really sort of from the heart, hard-rock material, whatever it is that I end up putting out. I’m always true to the school.”

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