Slash Reveals the Secret Behind His Sunglass Obsession


We always thought Slash wore sunglasses because it was the cool rocker thing to do.

It turns out he has another reason: shyness.

The guitarist told the New Zealand Herald that he wears shades when he plays because he's too shy to look at the audience. Besides, he says, his eyes are usually closed when he plays.

"I rarely look out at the crowd,” Slash says. “It makes me very uncomfortable to look directly into the face of the crowd.

"I'm in my own little world, playing my guitar. I play from the heart—but it's very insular."

Slash says he probably started wearing sunglasses regularly to disguise the previous rough night—and to keep the sunlight from disturbing bloodshot eyes.

"I think it was just a hangover thing that turns into an everyday thing,” he says.

It then turned into a constant fashion accessory once cellphones became ubiquitous.

”Now, wherever you go, everybody's got camera phones, taking your picture, and you just end up never taking the shades off."

In the interview, Slash also revealed that he is currently going through a divorce from his wife, Perla. He had little to say about it, however.

”I can't be bothered to fucking explain myself to people,” he says. “It's hard for me because I don't like to talk. In general, I don't express a lot of things to a lot of people, so they don't know where I'm coming from.

“I’ve got stuff to deal with, just like anybody else. I have to look at myself and how I'm dealing with that."