Slash Reveals his Top 5 Queen Riffs

Slash adores Queen and Brian May — that's no secret — but what are his absolute favorite Queen guitar riffs?
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Thanks to our buddies from Total Guitar in the U.K., Slash shares his favorite Queen riffs...

Stone Cold Crazy

"I loved this riff before I even started to play guitar, that's how cool it is."

More Of That Jazz

"It's actually one of the first songs I learned on my first ever one-string electric guitar."

Tie Your Mother Down

"I actually performed this with Queen at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. It's just one of the most instantly recognizable riffs ever."

Let Me Entertain You

"It's a very cool riff. I think it's in parallel sixths. Brian May used the same idea later on 'The Hitman' from the Innuendo album."

Fat Bottomed Girls

"It's in drop D, I think, and that riff is so big - it sounds like a big fat ass!"