Slam Allen Plays Soul Tramp Amplification


Blues legend Slam Allen is feeling the soul with Soul Tramp Amplification. He spent nine years as lead guitar, singer, and band leader for James Cotton, as well as collaborating as writer and singer on Cotton's Grammy-nominated album, Giant. From there, he went to become a Master Musician inductee in the New York Blues Hall of Fame, a Blues Music Awards 2016 nominee for best new CD by a new artist, and the first blues/soul artist to headline a major cruise line.

"I'm humbled and excited about this" said Soul Tramp Amplification’s Don Hills. "Slam is not only a master musician and performer, but a humble man who's a pleasure to work with. It's quite an honor to welcome Slam to the Soul Tramp team.”

The "Soul Working Man" is wrapping up this year by touring the U.S while preparing for a European tour. Whether it's North America, Europe, or the Middle East, Allen transcends cultures and languages with his unique blend of blues and soul. He’ll be using a Soul Tramp Tweed 12 amp on stage and in the studio. "The tone and distortion are what it's about," Allen notes. “The golden tweed cab works the stage like an old pair of shoes."

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