See Led Zeppelin’s New Video for the ‘BBC’ Track “What Is and What Should Never Be”

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PHOTO: Chris Walter | Getty Images

Led Zeppelin have released an animated video for their song “What Is and What Should Never Be,” as included on The Complete BBC Sessions album.

The album arrives September 16 and features all 33 songs the group recorded for BBC radio from 1969 to 1971. The three-CD set expands upon the previous 1997 two-CD BBC Sessions set by including several rarities that were unavailable at the time.

Jimmy Page recently said he hopes the release of The Complete BBC Sessions will shed new light on the Led Zeppelin’s “energy and attitude” in 1969, when the fledgling group was carving a new path for hard rock music.

“Considering that we only had these limited opportunities for exposure over here in Britain, it’s just the fact that we were totally fearless,” he says. “You can hear the energy and the attitude. We were testing ourselves as much as anything else, just really going for it.”