See Guitar Store Owner’s Jaw Drop When Kid Begins to Sing in His Shop | VIDEO

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I recently came across this video of a young boy giving a New York City guitar store owner the shock of his life with a performance of “Just Another Day,” a gospel song popularized in the late Fifties by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers.

The youngster is Brendan MacFarlane, a wee lad from Perth, Scotland, who paid a visit to New York City sometime around 2010 or thereabout. There, while visiting Dan Courtenay’s Chelsea Guitars shop, Brendan opened his mouth and cut loose with a performance that made Courtenay’s jaw drop—literally. Check out the 0:07 mark.

“Dude, just tell me, how did…did you get sick one day and you woke up and you can do that?” Courtenay asks.

As it turns out, MacFarlane began singing after he heard Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” on the car radio one day while he was still very young. He learned the song line by line until he could perform it in its entirety.

Apparently, this is the story that the man who accompanies Brendan explains to Courtenay. “He ain’t singin’ like Hank,” says Courtney. “He’s singing’ like the guy who taught Hank.”

The video was uploaded on October 5, 2010. From anything we can find online, MacFarlane would have been about 13 in 2010, though the video could have been shot earlier than 2010.

MacFarlane, who also plays guitar, released his debut album, The Road, in 2011, a celebration of traditional gospel, country and bluegrass, featuring 11 original songs. More recently, he released his cover of the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud,” presented below.

For more information, visit his website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.