Sam Prekop

Who''s Your New Professor

Sam Prekop is a busy man. Aside from his fledgling career as a painter and photographer, he’s the engine behind post-rock legends the Sea and Cake. Who’s Your New Professor, Prekop’s second solo outing in five years, not surprisingly sounds more or less like a Sea and Cake record with Prekop’s breathy vocals and bouncy, bossa-infused grooves. Prekop’s open-ended arrangements tend to toss all verse, chorus, and bridge structures right out the window. Yet his tunes are so lovely, and the guitar parts so nicely honed, you never feel lost in a sea of unfocused songcraft. Highlights include “Little Bridges” (with its tasteful wah-wah comping), the oh-so-slow tremolo textures on “Dot Eye” (which eventually give way to shards of feedback and dissonant double stops against a relaxed, loping groove), and “Magic Step” (with it’s chattering acoustic guitars). The genius of Prekop’s guitar craft is subliminal, but, trust me, it’s there. Thrill Jockey. —Darrin Fox