Robert Plant Bursts Led Zep Reunion Bubble!

Robert Plant won't be joining a Led Zeppelin reunion any time soon.
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Don't ask Robert Plant about a Led Zeppelin reunion unless you want a very testy answer.

Rolling Stone's Andy Greene lofted the line of questioning during a recent interview about Zep's latest series of archival releases—alluding that the world tour anticipated after the band's 2007 reunion at London's 02 Arena might have grossed $1 billion.

"You're going back to the same old sh*t," said Plant. "A tour would have been an absolute menagerie of vested interests and the very essence of everything that's sh*tty about about big-time stadium rock. We were surrounded by a circus of people that would have had our souls on the fire. I'm not part of a jukebox!"

As if that statement wasn't enough to tank fan dreams of Zep returning to the stage or studio in the future, Plant dropped one more bomb as he left the interview: "Do you know why the Eagles said they’d reunite when 'hell freezes over,' but they did it anyway and keep touring?” he asked. "It’s not because they were paid a fortune. It’s not about the money. It’s because they’re bored. I’m not bored."

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