Radiohead's Thom Yorke Releases Solo Album via BitTorrent

Yorke attempts to bypass the industry's self-elected gatekeepers with this "experiment."
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Radiohead's Thom Yorke has released his latest solo album via BitTorrent in an attempt to bypass "the self-elected gatekeepers" of the music industry.

The singer said he turned to the file-sharing system as "an experiment."

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, which includes eight tracks and a video, is available for $6. It comes seven years after Radiohead famously shook up the music business by giving their album In Rainbows a "pay what you want" online release.

BitTorrent has long been the curse of the music industry as it has allowed fans to share songs for free. The album's website said it was "a project conceived of in conversation with, and collaboration with, fans" and was "an alternative vision of how the creative internet can work: for creators, for good".

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes is Yorke's second solo album, following up 2006's The Eraser. A more traditional deluxe vinyl copy of the album will cost roughly $50 (£30). The move comes a year after Yorke pulled some albums from music-streaming service Spotify in protest of how much it paid artists.