Preview! Jennifer Batten Rages on New Scherer/Batten Album, BattleZone

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The ferociously talented Jennifer Batten — who has famously worked with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck, is a member of Guitar Player's Gallery of the Greats, and is one of the originators of live-multimedia events in the instrumental-guitar field as a solo artist — is now contributing to a project entitled BattleZone [Melodic Rock Records] with vocalist Marc Scherer.

It may get just a tad hard to follow at this point.

You see, while the album is attributed to "Scherer/Batten" as the artists, songwriter/guitarist/producer Jim Peterikwho GP profiled HERE — appears to have conceived, produced, and provided the compositions for BattleZone. Peterik also played rhythm guitar and keyboards on the sessions. Why not release BattleZone under his own name? Ah, there's the mystery. To further add to the enigma, Peterik has done a duo project before with his own name in the mix, 2015's Risk Everything, under the Peterik/Scherer banner.

We'll let Peterik himself take it from there...

"I've been a long-time enthusiast of Marc Scherer's vocal chops and the expertise of rock guitar goddess Jennifer Batten, so you can imagine how excited I am at the release of Scherer/ Batten’s BattleZone," he says. "And, as a song writer and producer, it was a dream come true mining some lost gems from my many years in rock, producing them to a new luster, and even writing three brand new cuts with Marc and Jennifer, 'Cuts Deep,' 'The Harder I Try,' and 'BattleZone.' Andrew McNeice and Danette Pahl of Melodic Rock Records gave me the artistic leeway and financial support to create the album of a lifetime. Working with one of the best engineers in the business, Larry Millas, and musicians such as multiple Grammy winner Bill Champlin, former Survivor bassist Bill Syniar, and saxophonist Mindi Abair brought depth and texture to the tracks that is palpable. You can hear our excitement in every song. I guess you can see I'm pumped. I dare you to crank up BattleZone, and not rediscover why you fell in love with melodic rock in the first place. I double dare ya!”

BattleZone is set to drop on September 22. Here's a preview. And, remember, you've been double dared!