Paul Gilbert Reveals His Trick for Getting Rock Tones from a Hollowbody Guitar | VIDEO

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Paul Gilbert made an appearance at a clinic, where he offered some useful advice on how to make “a big huge hollowbody” guitar useful for playing rock and roll.

As Gilbert explains, guitarists typically play solidbody guitars to perform rock and roll. However, he says, he loves playing large hollowbodies. (His Ibanez PGM signature series guitar features painted-on f-holes that give it the semblance of being hollow.) Unfortunately, the deep hollowbody electrics he favors are prone to feedback and tend to lack the crisp cutting tones associated with rock.

“So I went to the Ibanez Custom Shop and I asked the techs there,” Gilbert says of his search for a solution. “And they got this trick from [jazz guitarist] George Benson, who is one of the longest Ibanez endorsers.”

Watch the video to learn the trick and to enjoy Gilbert’s trademark style of shredding.