Pat Metheny: Highest Paid Guitarist in the World?

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So sorry. This is a "Gotcha!"

But quite a few guitarists emailed me today to see if today's headline from was true — that Pat Metheny had collected upwards of $82 million dollars through combined earnings as a guitarist, stock investments, real-estate holdings, restaurants, a signature vodka, a fashion line, and, yes, even a branded perfume for teens.

You can read all about it right here.

However, don't read too much into it. The Mediamass site is like a web-based "performance art" project for media criticism through satire.

While it would be quite a thing if a jazz guitarist — even a renowned, respected, and popular jazz guitarist such as Metheny — suddenly soared to the earnings stratosphere of rock stars, rap magnates, and reality-show celebrities, that day is not today. 

But if this fictitious report has whet your appetite for a bit of Pat, at least you can spin the track below. Enjoy...