Ozzy Osbourne Wants to Record Another Album and Hit the Road

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PHOTO: Kevin Mazur | Getty Images

Black Sabbath will soon be history, and Sharon Osbourne wants husband Ozzy to retire by the time he’s 70, just two years away.

So what will the Godfather of Heavy Metal do in the coming months?

According to his keyboardist, probably put out another album and hit the road.

In a recent interview with Eonmusic, keyboardist Adam Wakeman, who has worked with both Osbourne and Black Sabbath, revealed that the singer isn’t ready to pack it in when Black Sabbath come off the road.

“Well they’re finishing on February 4, and then we’ll see what happens with Ozzy after that,” Wakeman says. “I mean, he wants to do another tour, he wants to do another album, but there’s going to be a period of time when he needs a rest, so yeah, hopefully we’ll be back out.”

Wakeman—who is the son of longtime Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman—began working with Osbourne on the singer’s 2007 album, Black Rain. He later cowrote songs on 2010’s Scream and began contributing rhythm guitar during live performances of Sabbath material at Osbourne’s shows. He began working with Black Sabbath in 2010 when guitarist Tony Iommi became aware of his multi-instrumental talents during an Osbourne solo concert in Los Angeles that year.

“It’s great to be involved in the studio stuff as well as the live stuff,” Wakeman says. “But one of the great things about Ozzy, is he reinvents himself, and he works with different producers and musicians. I mean, he’s very happy with his band, so hopefully that will continue. I’m there whenever he needs me.”

An interview with Wakeman in which he talks about working with Ozzy and Black Sabbath is below.