New from Amptweaker: The TightRock Distortion Pedal

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The new TightRock Distortion pedal bridges the gap between two very popular Amptweaker pedals, the TightMetal and TightDrive. Its tone is not quite as heavy sounding as the TightMetal, but the gain range is higher than the TightDrive. The pedal includes an EQ with PlexEQ setting and a Gain Boost switch to go from TightDrive levels of gain up to monster metal lead tones. The noise gate has been tweaked to allow for smoother solo use, and like the TightMetal it automatically adjusts its own threshold via the gain controls. The Tight control, a mainstay of Amptweaker pedals, varies the pick attack from smooth and thick to tight and aggressive.

A new cool Amptweaker feature is the SideTrak effects loop. Several consumer requests led to this extra effects loop that turns OFF when the pedal is ON. Since the TightRock makes such a good ‘solo’ pedal, it’s the perfect pedal to introduce this unique idea. It can be used to add a compressor, chorus or chain of effects that only works when you play clean, or to switch to another distortion pedal to use for the rhythm sound...all without having to hit more than one’s like having a built-in A/B box. And if only the Send is used, it can send the bypassed signal to a completely different amp for the clean tone or can act as a true-bypass muted tuner send! A green LED alternates with the normal red one to indicate that the loop is active when the pedal is bypassed.

The standard effects loop with Pre/Post switch is also included on the back, to add your favorite delay or other effect for the solo. Other TightDrive features include the LED illumination of controls, Battery On/Off switch, and magnetic battery access door.