Neal Schon Commissions IHush "LadyM" Guitar to Celebrate Wife Michaele

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Neal Schon has commissioned a very special guitar from builder Naoki Ihashi of IHush Guitars to celebrate his wife, Michaele, while shredding away with Journey on the multi-platinum band's upcoming 2018 tour with Def Leppard.

"I saw some of Naoki's guitars on Instagram, and I reached out and asked if he would be so nice to send a guitar to me to check out," explains Schon about the genesis of the guitar. "To my surprise, in just three days, he sent three of his guitars, and, to say the least, I was blown away by all of his instruments. So I made a deal that if he made me some guitars, I would not only play them live, but I'd help promote them."

Already in gestation for eight months, the first instrument of this enterprise nearing completion is the custom order shown above — a guitar named "LadyM" after Schon's wife, and engraved with an "angel of love."

"I gave Naoki the concept, and he proved himself to be an artist with an impeccable desire to bring forth the very best from himself," says Schon. "He is a true master at his craft, and I can't wait to get my hands on the LadyM!"

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Neal and Michaele Schon