Metallica Rehearse “Unforgiven II” and “Fade to Black” in Pro-Shot Pre-Show Footage


Metallica fans can get an inside look at the band’s pre-performance warm-up from their September 16 show at the new Videotron Centre in Quebec City.

The footage below shows the group running through “The Unforgiven II” and “Fade to Black” on the venue stage before the fans file in. It continues with the band’s meet-and-greet and backstage rehearsals of “Creeping Death” and the “fast part” of “St. Anger before concluding with “Harvester of Sorrow” from the show.

The performance was actually the first concert held at the arena.

“We’re very grateful to be the first band playing in here, and all the Metallica family is here to celebrate that,” James Hetfield tells the cheering crowd. “Loud and proud, Quebec City!”

You can hear live audio from both of Metallica’s Quebec City shows at LiveMetallica.