Marc Swafford Needs Only One Arm to Tear Through “Voodoo Child” | VIDEO


Many of us have trouble playing Hendrix with two hands. Marc Swafford can do it with one.

In the video below, Swafford blazes through Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” while busking on the street.

Based in Missoula, Montana, Swafford lost his right arm in a vehicle rollover several years ago. Through physical therapy and an indomitable spirit, he developed the skills to play lead guitar, bass, dobro and banjo, using his left arm alone.

A love of music seems to run deep in his family. His dad plays guitar and banjo; his mom plays cello, viola, fiddle and guitar; and his brother, Matthew, plays drums.

Swafford and Matthew perform together in a “death thrash boogie” band called Mahamawaldi—billed “two brothers, three arms of doom”—and he performs in the acoustic ensemble Bitter Root Range. We’ve included Mahamawaldi clips below, as well as Swafford’s “Voodoo Child” performance.

For more about Swafford, check out his profile at ReverbNation.