Julien Baker Debuts "Appointments"

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Julien Baker has released "Appointments," the first single from her upcoming sophomore album, 'Turn Out the Lights.' You can listen here.
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In 2015, Julien Baker released one of the year's most quietly remarkable debut albums in Sprained Ankle. A stunning collection of sparse confessionals on faith, substance abuse and depression, it slowly gathered steam throughout 2016 and eventually landed Baker a well-deserved deal with Matador Records.

It's with Matador that Baker will release her newly announced sophomore album, Turn Out the Lights. You can listen to the album's moving first single, "Appointments," below.

Though the production values may be a bit higher, Baker has lost none of her power as a songwriter, and she moves effortlessly through the emotional peaks and valleys of the song.

You can preorder Turn Out the Lightshere. For more on Baker, follow along on Facebook.