Joe Satriani Hasn’t Changed His Strings Since When? | VIDEO


When was the last time you changed your strings?

In the age-old debate about string tone, there are those guitarists who swear by the sound of fresh, clean strings and others who prefer the less-pristine, darker tones of grungy old strings.

Apparently Joe Satriani falls into the latter camp. The shred virtuoso told Guitarist that he last changed his strings in December 2014. (We can only assume he’s talking about the strings on his main ax—because we assume Joe has lots of guitars.)

"Man, I hate changing strings,” Satch tells Guitar. “There should be some sort of iPhone app. I only ever do it when I have to.

“Very often, my engineers will go, ‘What the hell guitar was that and why does it sound so funny?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, the strings are four months old, and I didn’t bother changing them before I played that solo.’ ”

Satch—who drops his new album, Shockwave Supernova on July 24—agrees that new strings are often too bright for his liking, and adds, “You know what? I haven’t changed my strings since December 2014."

Satch was also asked if he would like to change any recording he’s made over this career.

“There was one thing that I remember was just too damn loud, which was the first guitar solo on ‘Big Bad Moon,’ from Flying in a Blue Dream,” he says. “I remember thinking that when we finished mixing it, but [producer] John Cuniberti said, ‘That is so exciting.’ ”

We’ve included the video for “Big Bad Moon” below. You be the judge.