Joe Bonamassa Plays a Vintage Gibson Style U Harp Guitar from 1919

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Joe Bonamassa has some fun backstage with a 1919 Gibson Style U harp guitar in this video he posted to his Facebook account last week.

Harp guitars have been around since the early 1800s and typically have standard fretted strings along with unfretted open strings that are plucked. The harp strings are usually lower pitched, but some of these instruments feature high- and even medium-pitched harp strings, or some combination of low, medium or high.

Gibson’s Style U harp guitar debuted in 1902 in four versions, some of which had six bass harp strings and one that had 12. The guitar was redesigned in 1906 to have 10 harp strings, as seen on Joe’s 1919 model.

Joe doesn’t do much at all with the harp strings, but perhaps he will once he’s spent more time with the instrument. If nothing else, this is a fun opportunity to hear a vintage acoustic in the hands of someone who can put it through its paces, and it’s always a pleasure to hear Joe play.

Post by Joe Bonamassa.