Jimmy Page: “What My Legacy Means to Me"

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Today is Jimmy Page’s 72nd birthday, and perhaps it’s as good a time as any to reflect on what his years as a guitar player and musical artist have meant to rock music.

The video clip shown below was shot in 2008 at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of It Might Get Loud, the U.S. documentary that explores the careers of Page, U2’s The Edge, and Jack White.

It was there that the Rockerrazzi video crew caught up with Page to ask him an excellent question: What does legacy mean to you?

Page responds by referring back to some of his guitar heroes, who he also mentions in It Might Get Loud.

He begins by noting, “In this documentary, I start talking about the early influences I had and how I learned from what I first accessed.” He goes on to note that because rock and roll is not a taught music, it’s influence is taken on “almost by instinct” by those who hear it.

Check out his full response. And when you’re done, drop by over here to wish Jimmy Page a happy birthday.