Jimi Hendrix Lost Track from 1965 Is Released (AUDIO)


Experience Hendrix has released the 1965 track “Station Break,” written by and featuring Jimi Hendrix from when he was a member of Curtis Knight and the Squires. This marks the first time that this recording has been released in any form. 

At the time, Hendrix had been working as a hired gun for acts that included Little Richard and the Isley Brothers. He and the Squires wrote a few songs together, but the band never gained any traction.

Through his association with them, Hendrix met RSVP Records owner Ed Chalpin, with whom he signed a contract that would haunt him for the rest of his brief life and career.

Hendrix got his big break just one year later, when former Animals bassist Chas Chandler discovered him in New York City and took him to London, where he got his career in gear.

Chalpin tried to release the Hendrix Squires material, with no success. In 2003, the Hendrix-family run company Experience Hendrix acquired the recordings.

After years of “forensic audio work” by onetime Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer, the tracks have been made available on the forthcoming release You Can’t Use My Name; Curtis Knight & the Squires (Featuring Jimi Hendrix). It comes out March 24 on CD, vinyl and digital.

You can hear the premier of “Station Break,” written by Hendrix and featuring him on guitar, by clicking HERE

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