Jimi Hendrix Blooper Reel: Hear 'Third Stone from the Sun' Hidden Message | AUDIO

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As guitarists and fans of the best players, we’ve all undoubtedly heard the slowed-down talking buried within Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone from the Sun,” from his 1967 debut album. It’s most noticeable in the song’s quieter passages, especially near the beginning of the tune. And it is definitely mystifying.

As it turns out, when this garbled talking is heard at normal speed, we can clearly hear Hendrix having a bizarre (and very funny) back-and-forth convo with his manager/producer Chas Chandler.

The outtakes of those vocal sessions—heard at proper speed—were released on the 2000 Jimi Hendrix Experience box set.

You can hear it all in the top YouTube player below. Just for fun, the bottom player lets you hear the original LP version (33 rpm) sped up to 45 rpm. Enjoy!