Jerry Donahue Suffers Stroke

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Jerry Donahue's daughter Kristina Daly announced through Facebook on Saturday, July 30, that her father had suffered a stroke on Friday. The renowned guitarist and solo artist also played with the Hellecasters and Fairport Convention, and has been extremely generous in his sharing of knowledge with GP readers throughout the years.

Here is Kristina's post:

"Facebook friends & fam: My dad had a stroke on Friday and is in the hospital. Unfortunately, they missed the three hour window to treat and, due to the location of the blockage, it was too risky to perform surgery. So, they're holding him for now. I flew out to Los Angeles to be with him, and, though he is unable to speak, he did recognize me. He's very frustrated, as you can imagine, but we're trying to stay positive. So thankful to Susan Rey & Frank Badami who saved my dad's life. More news and information to come. Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and love to you all... Kristina"

GP will continue to cover this story, and we wish all the best for Donahue and his family.

As we await what we hope will be a full recovery, let's all celebrate Donahue's dazzling magic on the guitar...

With the Hellecasters

With Fairport Convention