Jeff Beck Promises New Album Will Launch This Spring

Jeff Beck promises he will release a new and "important" album before his Tokyo tour in April.
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The ever-evolving creative chameleon that is Jeff Beck is finally ready to release his first studio album since 2010. According to an interview in Rolling Stone, he is promising to drop the new record before he kicks off his tour of Tokyo on April 7.

"I think I'd rather save the surprise, but it's not Western style—if you know what I mean," Beck told RS. "This is a very important album for me. My 70th birthday is coming up, and I thought it was time for a really, really good studio album that I had control over, and had the time to do properly, instead of a budget problem. Even though I do have budget problems!”

Beck also went into the studio with Brian Wilson after the duo toured together last year, but the status of those tracks—on what is rumored to be an upcoming Brian Wilson album—remains in limbo at press time.

"Well, you better ask Brian," said Beck.

In addition, the guitar wizard remarked to RS that he'd be up for touring with his old Yardbirds bandmate Jimmy Page.

"He’s a dark horse—there’s no doubt," explained Beck. "He appears at the most unlikely events, and then disappears again. He has a completely private side, as I have. But we have such a great laugh when we’re together, and if he ever comes up for grabs, then it would make a good package. But one wonders what he’d play. What would he play? I don’t know. He’d have to have the music sorted out, and then we’d work."