Jason Kessler performs Michael Hedges' "Aerial Boundaries"

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When you think of world-class classical composers, your first thoughts will more than likely reveal Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, or Rachmaninoff. When someone mentions legends like John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Thelonius Monk, and Ravi Shankar, it automatically invokes complex motifs. Would it be safe to say that John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Stevie Ray Vaughan (among so many others) have had a profound impact on rock history?

All of these artists utilized their influences, and molded their styles into something fresh, original, and inspiring—as does 12-string virtuoso Jason Kessler with his hypnotic, whimsical, and musically deep compositions. Kessler is soft spoken, intelligent, and, at times, seemingly reserved. But when he plays his Lowden 12-string, you see something happen — a metamorphosis. For decades, Kessler has enriched audiences with his versatile fusion of classical, jazz, and celtic styles. Whether it be with Seaflights, his progressive jazz ensemble, or LuBossa, a Bossa Nova duo formed with Russian vocalist Luba Lesser, Kessler is always looking for the next artistic venture.

Kessler is currently focusing on a new record filled with nine originals and two versions of Michael Hedges’ most infamous pieces. You can watch him perform Hedges' “Aerial Boundaries” below.

Filmed by Jesse Conti of Chariot Media-Productions and recorded by Ron Keck at SubCat Music Studios.

For more information about jason Kessler, please visit: http://www.12streetmusic.com