James Hetfield's Awesome Black Pearl

Check out this roadster!
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James Hetfield appears to have an eye for more than just guitars.

The Metallica guitarist has also designed a stunning show car — the award-winning Black Pearl— with custom auto builder Rick Dore.

If you want a closer look at this beauty, it is coming to the Los Angeles Auto Show, November 18-30.

"We initially had been taking other vehicles and cutting and pasting—making your own prototype in a way," says Hetfield. "The Black Pearl we actually started from scratch. We started with a 1948 Jag, and basically build it up from a drawing."

With its fastback roof and sleek lines, the Black Pearl was inspired by some of the early concept cars of the 1930s. The body was completely hand built by Marcel and Luc De Lay under the direction of Rick Dore, whose Rick Dore Kustoms built the rest of the project before the lustrous black finish was applied by Daryl Hollenbeck.

The Black Pearl's honors include the 2014 Al Slonaker, Blackie Gejelan, and George Barris Kustom awards at The Grand National Roadster Show, and the Mother's Custom of the Year and Best In Show at The Goodguys Car Show.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is open to the public November 21st through November 30th. For admission info and tickets, please visit www.laautoshow.com.