Hughes & Kettner Set to Unveil New TubeMeister Series at Summer NAMM


From day one Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner have spent countless hours pouring their heart and soul into creating tonal masterpieces that deliver superior usability. Their mission is Technology of Tone: use all available technology to make great tone accessible to the discerning player. Their search for the ultimate all-tube amp resulted in TriAmp - Technology of Tone at its best - and an impressive testament to the fact that purist tube tone, amazing tonal variety and superior usability can all be had in one extraordinary amplifier. 

For TubeMeister, Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner packed all their know-how and over a quarter of a century’s passion for tube amps into a remarkably compact chassis. No wonder TubeMeister offers a wealth of sonic riches for the guitarist to mine. As their stunning visuals and stellar sound attest, these dual-channel amps share the same DNA as the acclaimed Custom Tube series.

Thanks to German engineering, it can go from a roar to a whisper, shaking the boards on stage, tingling spines in the studio, and raising goose-bumps in the still of night - even during silent recording. 

The line‟s lead product is the TubeMeister 18" Head, which may be paired with a matching cabinet (1x12” Celestion). The Combo version (1x10" Celestion) also features reverb.

Product manager Rüdiger Forse notes, “The idea for the TubeMeister came from our TriAmp endorsees. They kept asking Herr Kettner to develop a compact gig-ready tube amp that would let them rock the stage, play at home, and record silently in hotel rooms while on the road." 

On stage, TubeMeister is loud and assertive. Its handling is equally stage-worthy: The two independent channels may be accessed remotely via footswitch. Lead Boost, which is also footswitchable, kicks up the gain for leads. The ultra-reliable, maintenance-free TSC power amp, combined with oversized transformers, pumps out plenty of power. 

In the studio, TubeMeister serves as a hardware plugin delivering the goods with its four-stage power-soak and the prize-winning Hughes & Kettner Red Box. They serve up the signal replete with power 
tube saturation, which makes for a tasty tonal treat for all playing and recording scenarios – best of all, at every volume. 

The TubeMeister series can be experienced at booth #300 at Summer NAMM and will hit music stores in September 2011. 

Key features:
• Two footswitchable independent channels, each with dedicated Gain and Master 
• Footswitchable Lead Boost 
• Passive 3-band voicing section 
• 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 x EL84 power tubes 
• Oversized transformers 
• Maintenance-free TSC power amp featuring auto-biasing and tube rating indicator 
• Serial FX loop 
• 18/5/1/0-watt power-soak with silent recording function 
• Built-in Red Box providing line level via XLR DI Out

ETA: September 2011 

Suggested Retail Prices:
TubeMeister 18 Head: US$ 749
TubeMeister 18 Combo (1 x 10” Celestion): US$ 899 
TubeMeister 112 Box (1 x 12” Celestion): US$ 379