How to Mash Up a Happy Halloween & a Link Wray Tribute II VIDEO

The word is "Boo!"
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Happy Halloween!

One of my little side projects is Shinkickers USA. Here, we did an All Hallows' Eve tribute to Link Wray and our favorite monster movies.

The spooky bits in the break were tracked with an Epiphone Dot Studio semi-hollow guitar, an Orange Tiny Terror amp and Mesa/Boogie 1x12 cabinet, and the Earthquaker Devices Organizer pedal — which is one wicked demon of a machine.

Shinkickers guitarist Dave Crimmen did all of his parts retro-minimalist style by merely plugging his Les Paul Custom into a Vox AC30.

Well, we hope you dig the "Halloween candy," don't gobble down too many of your kids' treats, and all glory to Link Wray!

Link Wray photo by Joe Dilworth