How Jimi Hendrix Would Look Today

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This story is actually a couple of years old, so it might be truer to say “What Jimi Hendrix Would Have Looked Like in 2013.”

Whatever the case, a couple of years back, Sachs Media published a gallery of computer-generated portraits of dead rock stars, looking as they might had they survived to this very day.

Phojoe—a firm that does real-world photo aging for missing persons reports—was brought in to produce “current” shots of Hendrix and other rockers (including Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Keith Moon, and Elvis Presley) for a slide show gallery titled Rock & Roll Heaven.

The gallery has since been duplicated in various spots around the web, but in the event you’ve never seen it, we’re sharing a few of its images—naturally, images of guitarists, namely Hendrix, Lennon and Cobain. You can see the entire gallery online at Sachs Media.

Imagine if fate had been kinder who might still be with us today.