Hear Neal Schon Play his IHush LadyM Guitar

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When we first published news of Neal Schon commissioning luthier Naoki Ihashi of IHush Guitarsto build a guitar celebrating his wife, Michaele, the response was pretty mammoth — and all we had to show at the time were "in progress" shots of the instrument being built.

Now, Schon has released footage of the final product in his hands, as he plays the "LadyM" guitar in his home studio. Schon also provided a self-produced video of the LadyM being manufactured. We've provided both videos below.

So what do you think? Was the LadyM worth the wait? How does she sound? Is Ihashi a custom builder we should all keep our eyes on?

In any case, Schon appears to be obviously jazzed at riffing about on his new beauty.

"Yes. It was so worth the wait," he says. 

First "Soundcheck" of the IHush LadyM

Schon's Mini-Documentary on the Building of his Custom Guitar