Hear Led Zeppelin’s Unreleased Version of “Trampled Underfoot”

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An unreleased version of Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot” has been made available and can be heard below.

The track, recorded in 1975, is titled “Brandy and Coke” and is a working version of the final recording, which appeared on the group’s 1975 album, Physical Graffiti. It’s among the seven tracks that will be available on a companion disc with the deluxe edition of the Physical Graffiti reissue.

The other songs on the companion include “In My Time of Dying,” an earlier take of “Sick Again,” a mix of “Boogie with Stu” from Sunset Sound Studio, “In the Light,” and “Driving Through Kashmir, which is a rough orchestra mix of “Kashmir.”

The Physical Graffiti reissue comes out February 24 and will be offered in various formats, including CD, vinyl and digital. The top-end deluxe edition will contain a hardcover 96-page book with photos of the band and memorabilia.