Guitar/Organ Duel by Darts Turns Ugly!

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 Press photo of the Darts by Kelly Gordon Sahr.

When the Darts (USA) came into San Francisco on September 15, 2017 to open for The Living End at Slim's, fans were definitely anticipating the negligee-clad, '60s-style garage rockers putting on one of their usual boisterous performances. 

But things got a little nutty when vocalist/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne and guitarist Michelle Balderrama started trading riffs on their respective instruments. Ultimately, the organ and guitar paid the price, as the solo section erupted into a kind of auto-destruction theater piece. Happily, the musicians didn't take the "battle" to Pete Townshend levels of slaughter and annihilation, and the Darts continued their set after the roars from the crowd died down.

Here's one-minute of musical demolition....