Guess Whose Gear Is In the Studio & Ready to Rock?

Looks like AC/DC is really going into the studio—sadly, however, without rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young.
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Even though producer Brendan O'Brien is related to someone on the Guitar Player staff, and we had an inkling that O'Brien was tapped to produce the next AC/DC album, confirmation was up-in-the-air (at least to us) given rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young's illness, and subsequent leave of absence from the band.

But now, we have photographic proof that the band's gear has been delivered to Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Well, and it was also confirmed by (who also provided the photo) that AC/DC is indeed planning to record with O'Brien again at the helm (he produced Black Ice for the boys in 2008).

It's anyone's guess how the band sound will evolve without Malcolm's tough, tight-as-a-Swiss-watch chordal punches driving the songs, but here's a taste of some classic AC/DC—just to keep your head bobbin' until we hear more...