GP "Now Hear This" Alumnus Marcelo Paganini Releases LIVE IN BRAZIL On Film & CD

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Guitar Virtuoso Marcelo Paganini To Release Digitally “First time in Rio - Marcelo Paganini Band Live”

Guitarist Marcelo Paganini—who was featured in Guitar Player's June 2014 "Now Hear This" column—had been away from his native Brazil for more than 11 years when he booked a last-minute tour in December 2014 to promote his critically acclaimed prog-rock fusion album 2012 Space Traffic Jam. As Paganini is also a filmmaker—shooting what “No B.S. films” or "No Budget/No Script"—he decided to make a rockumentary about the tour, First Time in Rio (Primeira vez no Rio). The 35-minute film was completed in March 2016, and will be screened at London's Portobello Film Festival in September. A companion album—First time in Rio: Marcelo Paganini Band Live—has been released through CD Baby.

"My music and my films are all 'Do It Yourself Mode: On,'" says Paganini, who performed regularly at the After Hours Electric Prog Jam on the Cruise to the Edge in late 2015. "It is all about letting interesting accidents happen."

Live in Brazil: "Somewhere Somehow"