Get Your Music on Guitar Player Records Awesome Instrumentals Series!

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In association with Mi5 Recordings/UMG, Guitar Player magazine’s digital-music label, Guitar Player Records, is set to release a series of guitar-music compilations entitled Awesome Instrumentals.

The debut release of the series is Awesome Instrumentals Volume One: Stormy Weather, and it will include guitar compositions evoking the theme of storms—either actual meteorological events or emotional turmoil.

Each release in the series is set to spotlight five female and five male guitarists of all ages and musical styles. Renowned guitar stars who are friends of Guitar Player magazine will contribute, but every release will also have several slots available for unsigned guitarists.

“Since 1967, Guitar Player has covered a broad spectrum of artists and styles, and we want our guitar-instrumental series to celebrate that diversity,” says GP Editor in Chief Michael Molenda. “Awesome Instrumentals is not about segregating female and male guitarists, young players and mature players, stars and unknowns, or any style of music. Much like Bill Graham used to program his Fillmore concerts back in the hippie days with varied artists—blues legends, folk musicians, sitar players, rock stars, and so on—we want to expose listeners to a thrilling mix of players, musical concepts, and cool guitar sounds.”


To populate the series, Guitar Player—through its website and social-networking pages—is asking all guitarists to send tracks that work with each album theme for consideration. The final lineup for each Awesome Instrumentals release will be chosen by the staff of Guitar Player magazine and Mi5 Recordings founder and president Ted Mason.

For information on how to get your music on GP's debut compilation release—plus more details—visit the Awesome Instrumentals page here.

“For me Guitar Player has always been the benchmark in exploring new frontiers on the guitar, whether it was exposing me to new guitarists, their techniques, or transcriptions of hip guitar riffs,” says Mason. “It now makes sense that Guitar Player Records should start releasing music by and for the guitar community and beyond, and Awesome Instrumentals is a perfect vehicle to provide a bridge to the major distribution community—such as Universal Music Group—which for so long has only been available to those that are backed by major multinational conglomerates, or those with deep pockets. I’m very excited to be part of this project—to back the releases from Guitar Player magazine, and to work closely with its Editor in Chief, Michael Molenda.”

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Awesome Instrumentals Volume One: Stormy Weather is slated for worldwide digital release in late 2016 or early 2017.