George Harrison in 1976 Watches the Beatles Perform in 1963 | VIDEO


Below you can see some priceless footage of George Harrison in 1976, watching himself and the Beatles in 1963 performing “Twist and Shout” and “This Boy.”

Harrison appears to be reviewing the vintage footage for some purpose other than his own entertainment. Was it for a special? A documentary? No one seems to know, but if you have an idea, please let us know.

Whatever the occasion, Harrison is in good spirits as he watches himself and the Beatles in the midst of Beatlemania’s rise.

“I had very long hair in those days,” he deadpans during the “Twist and Shout” video, and compares the group’s head shaking to Beatle Bobble-Heads that were popular during Beatlemania. “That’s what we look like!”

During the video for “This Boy,” he cracks up at the site of his younger self, and says of the Gibson J-160E acoustic he’s playing, “I gave that guitar away. That’s the one!”

As John Lennon’s image comes onscreen, Harrison notes, “John was as blind as a bat, and he’d never wear his glasses, so he couldn’t see.” That comment, by the way, is a voiceover—which supports the idea that this video is from a finished production. Again, if you know where it’s from, please share.