Frank Zappa’s Final Album Will be Released in June, 21 Years After His Death


Frank Zappa’s 100th and final album will be released on June 1, 21 years after his death on December 4, 1993.

Titled Dance Me This, the record was shelved indefinitely after his death at the age of 52 from prostate cancer.

Frank described the album as “a Synclavier album…designed to be used by modern dance groups.” The Synclavier was a digital synthesizer/sampling system developed in the late Seventies. Zappa was an early adopter and used the device on numerous albums in the Eighties, including Francesco Zappa, Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention and his 1986 Grammy-winning album, Jazz from Hell.

Zappa’s experimentation with the Synclavier continued as he battled terminal prostate cancer, during which time he wrote Dance Me This and Civilization Phaze III, released in October 1994. During this period he also made Trance-Fusion, an album of guitar solos released posthumously in 2006.

The Zappa Family Trust says Dance Me This is “the last title FZ finished in 1993 along with Trance-Fusion; the last chapter in his Master Work, Civilization Phaze III.

“This is it. #100. The LAST album by Frank Zappa. Tap your foot algorithmically to this.”

Dance Me This can be preordered at the Zappa site’s Barfko-Swill page.