Framus Guitars Hosts GuitCon 2017!

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Framus GuitarsWarwick Basses, and RockGear are launching a unique and very cool event at the German manufacturer's home base and factory in Markneukirchen, Germany, September 25-29. GuitCon 2017 is an "almost live" festival of popular YouTube guitarists who will collaborate, cross promote, and generate tons of video content.

Framus is equipping three rooms with live-video switchers and multiple-camera setups, and plans to shoot and edit the artists in real-time, and then upload the resulting guitar lessons, gear shootouts, song performances, and whatever the YouTube stars are inspired to create. There will also be "reality-show-like" content, where the guitarists film themselves interacting with the other players, touring the factory, or getting up to some other shenanigans.

The current lineup for the event — which, at total, represents artists with more than three million YouTube subscribers and many millions of views — includes That Pedal Show, SpectreSoundStudios, Frog Leap Studios, Robert Baker, Tom Quayle, Phillip McKnight, Mike Hermans, Gearmanndude, Gear Gods, The Tone King, Music is Win, Pete Thorn, PixxyLixx, Dennis Kayzer, Frank Fleckenstein, Mary Spender,, and EytschPi42.

Concerts from the Framus & Warwick Music Hall are planned to be live streamed, and all video content will likely be published via the artists' YouTube channels, the GuitCon YouTube channel, and the Framus/Warwick websites. We'll release more details as plans develop further. 

Here's a preview...