Exclusive Video Premiere: LoNero's "The Machine"

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Photo by Neil Zlozower

We're thrilled to debut the first video single, "The Machine," from LoNero's recently released instrumental concept album, The Defiant Machine.

"The Defiant Machine is based on the last 100 years of warfare—starting with World War I," says the band's founder and lead guitarist, Bill Lonero. "To set the scenes for the music, we mixed in historic 'war speeches' by Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and others, as well as cinematic sound effects. We also shot all of the photos for the CD aboard the legendary U.S.S. Hornet CVS-12 aircraft carrier in Alameda, California. The Hornet fought in World War II and Vietnam, and it was never struck by a bomb, a torpedo, or a Kamikaze—proving itself to be a 'defiant machine.'"

For it's part of the album's theme, the video for "The Machine" takes you on an aggressive auditory journey through the Vietnam war.

"LoNero's approach to instrumental rock/metal focuses more on the band rather than on one soloist," explains Lonero. "There are still plenty of guitar solos, but we emphasize rhythm, melody, and harmony."

LoNero also features guitarist J.R. Manalili, bassist Mike McKaigg, and drummer Will Sharman.

Look for a complete interview with Lonero about the making of The Defiant Machine in a future issue of Guitar Player. For now, just enjoy the sonic onslaught.

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