Do Lizards Dream of Guitar Riffs?

Call it Animal Kingdom Rock.
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Apparently, even nature's little creatures sometimes daydream about firing off blazing riffs like Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck.

The documentary shot of an Indonesian dragon lizard contemplating his or her inner rock star is allegedly no joke. Photographer Aditya Permana, 33, had watched the lizard for an hour or so before it got into a strumming position with a leaf and started "jamming" like, well, let's say "Ed Sheeran." After all, the lizard seems pretty laid back.

“I did not directly photograph the lizard at first, until the lizard felt calm and comfortable around me,” says Permana, who captured the photograph in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. “I noticed it looked like it was playing a guitar, and it didn’t move at all.”

Caters News Agency ran with the original story, and Guitar Player associate editor Matt Blackett found it at

What song do YOU think this forest creature is dreaming of playing?